About Script3

Script3 is a decentralized finance (DeFi) company striving to create equitable economic access through our protocols.

Our Story

Originating in 2018 in a cramped university apartment, Script3 sought to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology. Our team quickly focused on decentralized finance (before it had the catchy buzzword nickname DeFi). We gravitated toward it but also recognized its shortcomings: it was expensive and slow. Thus, it failed to realize its potential of providing equitable access to financial infrastructure.

“The promise of DeFi is the promise of financial inclusion because the current financial ecosystem fails to serve much of the world.”

This quote from our co-founder, Markus Paulson-Luna embodies what we believe at Script3. DeFi is a powerful tool for the masses if utilized correctly and ethically. We're trying to help the world's people, using the best technology available to the world's people.



Our dear leader designs Script3's protocols and steers our wayward ship forward. As part of the Stellar ecosystem, he published research on processing financial derivatives using Stellar and created Project Venus. In the rare moments he's not working, he learns more about Blockchain and DeFi, enjoys the outdoors, and pretends to have a social life.


Alex leads the development efforts at Script3. He is an experienced software engineer and played a key role in building Stellar Turrets. With enough time, as shown by the Infinite Monkey Theorem, he hopes to create the best stack of financial software to date. Though, maybe he will end up with a best selling children’s novel. Time will tell.


Andrew has a diverse background with 4+ years of project management and operations engineering in four different industries. At Script3, he works closely with the whole team to make sure everything runs optimally. He also is the creative director for Script3 (he went to design school for one semester) and implements his knowledge of human-centered design.