DeFi built on ~Stellar~

Decentralized finance protocols powered by Stellar Turrets

DeFi Money Market Protocol
Day-Zero Staking
DeFi Derivatives Protocol

A Financially Connected World

DeFi on Stellar creates the promise of financial inclusion on a global scale

Faster Transactions

Transaction speed unmatched by other blockchains and financial institution.

Lower Fees

Fees thousands of times cheaper than other DeFi protocols.

World View

Built on Stellar for ease of cross-border functionality.


Backed by the Stellar Network and Stellar Turrets.

YieldBlox & OptionBlox

Script3's protocols

YieldBlox - Decentralized Lending Protocol
OptionBlox - Decentralized Derivatives Protocol
Built on Stellar
More on YieldBloxMore on OptionBlox

Stellar Turrets

Stellar is the open-source network our protocols are built on.

Turrets enable our decentralized Turing complete smart contract protocols.

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