Day-Zero Staking

Day-zero staking is staking YBX airdrop rewards the moment they get distributed to receive more YBX in the future!

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What is Day-Zero Staking?

Day-Zero Staking is a way for YBX airdrop participants to receive more YBX rewards for locking up their original airdrop distribution the moment it gets distributed. Users who elect for this choice will receive a 10x multiple on their airdrop entries (i.e. one community airdrop entry will be considered 10 entries when we calculate the final payout). Note, the amount being airdropped remains the same, but users who opt into Day-Zero staking will boost their number of entries. There is no early withdrawal for Day-Zero Staking.

What is Staking?

YBX tokens holders can stake their YBX in exchange for sYBX. Their YBX is locked for a 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year time period in the YBX staking pool. The longer the lockup, the greater the rewards from staking are. After the staking lockup ends, the user can exchange their sYBX for the original amount of YBX they staked plus the APR earned over the lock period.
Staking APR is generated by protocol fees. A portion of protocol fees is used to repurchase YBX on the Stellar DEX and send it to the YBX staking pool. This staking pool is proportionally distributed to sYBX holders when their staking period ends. Through this repurchase mechanism, YBX stakers earn a portion of protocol revenue.

sYBX also allows users to participate in protocol governance by proposing and voting on governance proposals which are used to allocate token incentives and update the protocol. For more information on staking visit our docs.

Why would I Day-Zero Stake?

Users who elect to Day-Zero Stake will get a 10x multiple on their airdrop entries. The payout is the same, but Day-Zero Stakers will get a larger portion of the airdrop reward. The longer a user Day-Zero Stakes, the larger their return will be.

How do I Day-Zero Stake?

To sign up for Day-Zero Staking, please go here or manually add a trustline using this guide. Please note, you’re going to need to use the correct asset code.

Who can Day-Zero Stake?

Anyone who participated in the YBX airdrop can Day-Zero Stake. They should use the same wallet that has an established trustline to YBX.

What are the staking periods?

- 3 months (Day0Stake3)
- 6 months (Day0Stake6)
- 12 months (Day0Stake12)